Edwardian Hotels

Edwardian Hotels London is one of the UK’s largest leading luxury hotel and hospitality brands, it owns and operates Radisson Blu Edwardian, London Hotels, The May Fair Hotel and a fast-growing range of distinctive restaurants, bar brands and spas.

I collaborated with the marketing team to deliver high quality print and online material to support a wide range of campaigns across their various brands.

| Editorial design
| Marketing material
| Hospitality deliverables

Afghanistan trade portal

The International Trade Center (ITC) is supporting Afghan SMEs to approach the international trade. An online trade platform is being designed, for which I collaborated by creating a logo and and promotional material.

The logo represents the dynamism of trade and the connectivity between parts and movement of goods. The volumetric and solid trace reinforces the strength and reliability of the online portal.

| Logo
| Marketing material
| Infographic

Many of the SME’s traders in Afghanistan have limited access to internet, se we have been designing printed guides that contain the guidelines to become a trader. Part of this process is this infographic which explains in a simple way the stages of trade.

Greenwood Project – London Borough of Camden and Central Saint Martins

Mayford and Peperfield Day centres offer care services for Adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) and complex needs. Last year they moved to a new building, Greenwood Centre, were they share the space with another 2 day centres. Our objective was to help the members and staff to adapt to the new facilities. Our design direction was to address the members voiclessness to the wider world and to enrich the experience of the members and staff on a daily basis.

Understanding that people with profound and multiple learning disabilities mainly express themselves through non verbal gestures and through day to day behaviours, our approach aimed to create a direct invitation for the new community in Greenwood to challenge their senses and experience an unexplored world of communication possibilities.

Storytelling Kit: The Story of Mayford

Using multisensory storytelling as a way to reaffirm individual and group identity in a new place, we took what we’ve learned from the storytelling sessions at Mayford Day Centre to design a new tool for staff to tell the story of Mayford to its members and to the new community in Greenwood.

Sensory Story Wall
With a prevailing need for integration of PMLD people into the wider community, the Sensory Story Wall intends to cover two functions: to be a mobile tool for PMLD members to interact and experience on a daily basis, as well as to raise “sensory awareness” for the wider community through the creation of stories with this tool that presents different levels of sensitivity and perception.

Campaign of Visibility
Taking signature movements from the members at Mayford Day Centre, this collection of videos shows a closer look to the simple, yet fascinating, non-verbal communication world that we discovered during this project. With colourful backgrounds and highlighting only eyes and hands, this communication catalogue intends to raise awareness of different modes to express identity

Using the visual language resulting from the communication catalogue, this campaign aims to continue this raise of awareness of the presence of PMLD members in the new building.


Samsung has a wide range of products from televisions, printers, household appliances and perhaps most notably, mobile devices.

I was responsible for delivering design services to the Enterprise Business team as an onsite designer.

| HTML emails
| Events collateral
| Web banners
| Social media

The Investment Agenda, Threadneedle

The Investment Agenda brings a select group of institutional investors together to hear from leading investors and invited experts about the economic outlook for the next 12 months.

I designed the artwork to reflect the volatility of the investment world.

| Creative concept
| Marketing material
| Social media
| Presentations
| Event collateral
| Staging
| Editorial design