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Havas Media Network operates in over 140 countries and services its clients through a portfolio of specialist teams that span media, strategy, digital, data consulting, programmatic buying, performance marketing, mobile, out of home and geological, social media, experiential, entertainment and sport.

As Head of the Design team in the New Business department, I’m responsible of leading the team and producing presentations, pitch theatre, and collateral for pitches; delivering impactful and clear visual elements.

We support the marketing team with creative concepts for internal and external events; developing the branding for online and onsite.

| Creative Concept
| Event Collateral
| Social Media
| Studio Management
| Pitch theatre
| Brand design
| Presentation design

GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland campaign

The GREAT Campaign showcases the very best of the UK, inspiring the world to collaborate, visit, study, live, work and do business here.

As Senior Designer I deliver design services to colleagues in embassies, consulates and trade offices across 149 countries ensuring consistency with the brand guidelines and tight deadlines are met. I collaborated during the brand refresh and launch. Contributed to definition and implementation of the brand guidelines. Coordinated the production of templates for digital and print assets.

| Creative Concept
| Brand Guidelines implementation
| Event Collateral
| Social Media
| Studio Management
| Editorial Design

Great Love is one of our mayor campaigns, for which we have multiple brand activation events world wide

Ideas for The New Museum of London video

The New Museum of London aims represent Londons’ diversity. The New Museum School was asked to share their ideas about how the museum could could achieve their aim.

I collaborated with an Art Educator who specialises in Museums and Galleries. We were given a mood board with lots of independent ideas and inspirations from the students. We processed the information, found the narrative and produced a 3 minute video with a story that summarises their ideas.

I created a some illustrations to explain some of the ideas. It was very well received from both parts, The Museum School students and The New Museum of London.

Copyright: The New Museum of London. The full video can’t be displayed here

The Economist Intelligence Unit

I worked on many projects for The Economist Intelligence Unit, helping them to visualise information for their white papers, reports and diverse research projects.

Collaborating closely with the editorial team and a motion graphics designer, we did several animated infographics, for which I designed the visual language, developed the storyboard and directed the production. Please see on this page some if my favourite reports and scroll down for the infographic videos.

Map for Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is an art project that gives value to individual contribution inviting participants to create a house personalised in their own unique way.  The cumulative effect of each individual contribution results in the building of a community that has a collective identity.  Each house contributes to the thematic geography of the piece as it develops over the course of the run.

Based on the most popular contributions, I designed a DL flyer and a wall map for the exhibition in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Dome of Discovery, SouthBank Centre

Southbank Centre (SBC) asked University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins to create a proposal for a brief which seek for developing an attraction for school children groups. Where they can learn about the origins of the place in the Festival of Britain in 1951, the brutalist architecture developed in 1965 and another yet to be defined potent message about SBC.

The brief was given to my team while I was doing my MA in Narrative Environments. There was one more tweak to the rather ambitious brief; the space designated for the intervention was a toilet located on level two by the archive, and no permanent modification could be done to the toilet which was to stay functional.

We designed an audio intervention, supported by casted legs on the back of each toilet cubicle and projections on the mirrors where iconic personalities that have performed on SBC have a conversation while on the loo. We used toilet humour which was very popular with the children. Please see some images of our storyboard and performance presentation.

The Isolation Collection

I’m interested in the way objects from daily life can tell stories about people’s lives. When the lockdown started I decided to document our collective experience of the lockdown by asking people to share an image of an object that has unexpectedly become really important for them during the lockdown.

The project started on the digital space given the restrictions of the lockdown. We presented an exhibition in mid August. Below this lines you will find our video, which explains how it works, press play to watch. There are some pics of the exhibition as well.

| Creative Concept
| Logo
| Animated promo video
| Website
| Social media promotion

I designed a responsive website where participants can add their objects and stories to our online gallery. They also choose the location of their objects in the Covid-19 House which rooms relative sizes change according to the number of objects posted.

When we gathered plenty of objects and stories, we decided to present the exhibition, with a 3D model of the Covid-19 house including all the object’s photos the participants had shared. The stories were displayed on the back of the house.

Visitors to the exhibition where invited to add their own objects and experiences of the lockdown on a printed version of the Covid-19 house.

GLL Better

Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL), operating under the brand “Better”, is a non-profit charitable Social Enterprise organisation which runs over 250 sport and leisure facilities and libraries on behalf of local authorities in London and across the UK, as well as its own internal college and the “Healthwise” programme.

I managed the design studio, coordinating the workflow and ensuring consistency with the brand guidelines. Met tight deadlines while delivering high quality artwork.

| Marketing material, print and digital
| Social media
| Editorial design