The Isolation Collection

I’m interested in the way objects from daily life can tell stories about people’s lives. When the lockdown started I decided to document our collective experience of the lockdown by asking people to share an image of an object that has unexpectedly become really important for them during the lockdown.

The project started on the digital space given the restrictions of the lockdown. We presented an exhibition in mid August. Below this lines you will find our video, which explains how it works, press play to watch. There are some pics of the exhibition as well.

| Creative Concept
| Logo
| Animated promo video
| Website
| Social media promotion

I designed a responsive website where participants can add their objects and stories to our online gallery. They also choose the location of their objects in the Covid-19 House which rooms relative sizes change according to the number of objects posted.

When we gathered plenty of objects and stories, we decided to present the exhibition, with a 3D model of the Covid-19 house including all the object’s photos the participants had shared. The stories were displayed on the back of the house.

Visitors to the exhibition where invited to add their own objects and experiences of the lockdown on a printed version of the Covid-19 house.